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How Narcissists Took Over the World!

15 Sep , 2016  

To tie in with the subject of my second book ‘how to Catch a Narcissist’ I recently filmed this documentary with Vice Magazine. The subject of Narcissism is so current and this docu really digs deep to the heart of the issue – if you’ve never even considered what a Narcissist is or indeed if you’ve ever come across one (bet you have!) then give it a watch. Or head over to YouTube and search for the Spartan Life Coach Channel – Richard Grannon also featured in this video is an expert on the subject!

How to Catch a Narcissist – is a fictional take on the subject in the context of dating and relationships and will be out later in the year. In the meantime ‘How to Catch a Love Rat’ is out now to buy on Amazon Kindle:

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