Upstate Shenanigans filming Chantilly Lace 2

3 Feb , 2020  

In December 2019 I had one of the best experiences of my life both professionally and personally. I flew up to the wonderful town of  Henderson to shoot the sequel to the 1994 classic: Chantilly Lace. I didn’t know when I booked this job what a dream come true it would be. I got to work with some absolute legends of film and TV: Talia Shire, Lindsay Crouse, Patricia Richardson, Jill Eikenberry and Helen Slater. How they have enriched my life and my craft as an actor is beyond measure.

Even more of a bonus is the wonderful people from a town that has captured my heart, not only did I get to live in this unbelievable mansion which was more like a fairytale than I could put into words:

But the friends I made: the wonderful production crew from the town who put all other crew’s to shame – their hospitality, kindness and friendship will stay with me forever and I am now so grateful to be able to say they will be my life-long friends – Jill, Torre, Gail – my girls! And the best Line Producer and friend on our second project together: my darling Dee.

From start to finish this was a dream come true – I will be grateful for as a long as I live for that incredible week I got to spend living like a movie-star princess. Acting is not just a passion for me – it is me, it opens up worlds and possibilities that make every day worth getting out of bed for, to see just what it has in store. #longmayitcontinue

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Projects in the Pipeline

29 Jun , 2019  

Being busy as an actor is NEVER a bad thing and these past few months have been super busy, with two exciting projects in production and some great smaller projects completed.

One of my favorite’s has been playing Helen Maxwell in the movie version of the ‘Clock Tower’ survival horror computer game, written and directed by Director Ruth (Ladarius Winns) working on a horror film has been oxymoronically SO MUCH FUN, principal photography has started but for now here is a sneak peak at the trailer.

IMG-7709 IMG-7711

Next up I’ve been back working with the awesome Jerome Curtis (Lights on Films) on a new digital series 108th, playing the Chief of Police – totally up my alley. Here is a snippet.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 7.55.02 PM

Last up, I worked with the innovative Reelarc on this scene titled ‘One Day at a Time’, focusing on addicts and the affect of their addiction on loved ones. You can watch a clip here.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 8.35.50 PMScreen Shot 2019-06-28 at 8.36.59 PMScreen Shot 2019-06-28 at 8.41.57 PM

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New Acting Reel and Headshots!

12 Feb , 2019  

An actors life is never dull, as actors we never stop: new headshots, new reels, new clips, new workshops, new classes the list goes on and the bank balance goes down – thank god then that Confucius got it spot on when he famously said ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’

For the love of acting, here are my latest Headshots courtesy of Headshots Anyone and my latest reel courtesy of Shoestring Films


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The Business of Acting….

7 Oct , 2018  

The job of an actor and by job, I mean the nuts and bolts; be on time, rehearse, learn your lines, study your script, understand what’s’ going on in the scene.

Now the real job of an actor; not to act. To ask yourself the same question every day – am I believable as a human being. Sounds crazy right? But as a Meisner student my first ever acting coach told the class from day 1 – never say the word character in my class – there is no such thing. There is only ever you as a person working through an imaginary set of circumstances but no matter how far fetched those circumstances may be, the result is always the same – find the truth in every moment, react as you would react, feel as you would feel and do all of that in the guise of someone else.

Think of any great actor – Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts, Morgan Freeman (some of my favorites) and recall how not once do you ever think ‘oh thats Denzel he’s a pilot today’ you believe that they are that person they draw you in to their story, now think of a time where you watched an actor trying desperately to act – it feels different right? You find yourself calling bullshit, I call bullshit on myself all the time – I act the role, I add up all the numbers 2 plus 2 equals 4 and yet it doesn’t make sense because you’re pretending to feel, pretending to react – when the only way is really to feel, really react. Listening is the only thing we ever really need as actors but every day nerves, fear, projection, planning, stop us from really listening, from being in the moment and from finding our truth.

Acting is a job like any other, its hard and often not glamorous, and sure getting to live your life on any given day as an astronaut, a police officer, a hit-woman, mafia boss, drug dealer mother of two, FBI agent, farmer – whatever it may be, the research and the understanding of the role may differ but the delivery will always be the same – you are you a living breathing human being, deeply layered – you as a person are never just one thing and neither can be any ‘character’ you ever play be either

In conclusion for all the countless times I’ve heard actors ask the question in class, am I a good actor? I’ve always thought the more important question is, how well can I not act?


Scene Study from my On Camera Krakower Class.

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Actor,actress,TV Presenter

Entering the App World as a New Interactive Character……

19 Aug , 2018  

An actors life is unpredictable and bloody hard work but then some days you get asked to do such a fun gig and you realise you have the best job in the world. This is my character ‘Annie the Analyser’ for the new mobile app Invidme.

Invidme is the next level in video interaction on mobile platforms. With InVidMe, you can interact with your favorite characters by choosing a phrase, recording your answer, and then sharing the video with the world!

Check it Out and Interact with me! @Invidme


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‘The Circle’ Web Series Ready to Drop……

19 Jul , 2018  





Since last year myself and a very talented bunch of actors have been working on ‘The Circle’ A thriller mystery about two half sisters on a mission to find out the truth about their mothers death. And to my great joy I get to play the ‘Baddie’ – a dual character Ruth – a major plot twist! In my scenes I get beat up, stabbed, shot and generally thrown around the set daily – but I’ve always been a badass -so was just an ordinary day at the office 😉 Working with a great director and so many amazing actors all bringing their unique styles to the ensemble makes you realise how lucky you are to be a working actor in New York City. Stay tuned for updates the first episode is imminent! @thecirclewebseriez



Check out my cast interview here:

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The Letter – Coming Soon!

10 Jun , 2018  


Working as a full time actress in New York City has been a dream come true, in this past year I’ve met and worked with so many amazing fellow actors, directors, producers, writers and visionary’s and I’m so happy to say that I have many more projects in the pipeline filming over the next few months. This is just one of them ‘The Letter’ by The very talented Jerome Curtis and Lights On Films, check out the trailer here!


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Fashion,Fashion Stylist

Girl Power at the SAG Awards

26 Jan , 2018  

In stark contrast to the ‘all black’ theme at this year’s Golden Globes, at the SAG Aftra Awards held on Sunday evening, the star’s went for a much prettier aesthetic; pastels, delicate cuts, embellishment and beading were the order of the day but even though the gowns were pretty the women were still fierce. Led by Kristen Bell the first-ever host of the Screen Actors Guild Awards who took to the red carpet wearing a fuchsia strapless J Mendel gown featuring a corset-style bodice and drop waist with floral embroidery throughout. B835308E-5490-4477-B20B-8C7AF010FD39Bell accessorized the gown with Charlotte Olympia heels, a Judith Leiber clutch and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. She then changed it up a notch to take the stage in not one, but three different all-black looks. Bell opened the show wearing a plunging Reem Acra gown with a silver embellished neckline, which was paired with Brian Atwood heels and Beladora jewelry. Next up was a long-sleeve Reem Acra gown with a pink jeweled collar trim, worn with Charlotte Olympia heels and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and to close the show a Yanina Couture gown with Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

Pretty in Pink and lavender ruled the red carpet; Margot Robbie might just be the prettiest example, wearing a Miu Miu gown with a feather plume at the waist covered in crystals and pearl detailing and a Jimmy Choo clutch.77BE01E8-A9BB-4955-86F7-3CB333F18505

One of my favourite looks was worn by Saoirse Ronan who wowed in lavender Louis Vuitton with sequin embellishment.34FB09EA-E4D6-4AE2-B2D2-1876330C6984 Kate Hudson really went for the girly vibe In a pink and black heart patterned Valentino gown with a bow at the waist and a lace high-neck, in a case of more is more there was a whole lot going on in this ensemble.F98E4925-419D-4B4B-860C-E6659A1FAB1F
Madeline Brewer In a similar vibe to Margot Robbie wore a strapless blush Reem Acra midi gown with pearl embellishment and Casadei red velvet strappy sandals. A bolder hot pink choice was demonstrated by Samara Weaving wearing this fabulous gown with cap sleeves, a bow waist and a low-v neckline. Millie Bobby Brown kept to her quirky style and paired her pink sequined Calvin Klein dress with a pair of Converse.E40EE245-8826-4DC6-A0C1-42061B8BC23A

Shimmer and sparkle also featured heavily, dresses were encrusted with head to toe sequins, some of these must have weighed a ton! Nominated Mandy Moore wore blue sequin Ralph Lauren collection, while the always dazzling Nicole Kidman chose a bronze Armani Prive gown with a Harry Winston ring and earrings. Lupita Nyong’o was shimmering and feathered in Ralph & Russo and Halle Berry similarly sparkled in beaded Pamella Roland.2AE14439-9984-4233-B560-11540863C6E4E8AA286E-123C-4D1F-A0DC-32243E3DCBFC

Embellishment was also big news; this Ralph and Russo gown worn by Allison Williams was beautifully beaded and fringed- the perfect 1920s Flapper Girl. Samira Wiley was celestial in Tadashi Shoji and Vanessa Kirby wore a stunning sheer Valentino gown adorned with hundreds of bright embroidered flowers.D7E5F324-C8CC-4FDD-94AE-7A648C4719CA

The fashion was fun, diverse and colorful but as with the Golden Globes there was a much stronger message at play: women took center stage at the ceremony, not only in having a woman (Kristen Bell) as it’s first-ever host, but also featured an all-female line-up of presenters. SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris championed the men and women who are members of the union calling them “agents of change.” and went on to state “Truth is power and women are stepping into their power, make no mistake, this is not a moment is time, this is a movement.”

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