My first TV Pilot Script ‘Honey’ reached the finals of ‘Your Script Produced Season 2!

9 Mar , 2021  

Lockdown was a tough time for all of us; for me, as a native Brit, I was in New York, alone in my apartment for months and I wanted to use my time constructively, so I adapted my novel ‘How to Catch a love Rat’ into a screenplay entitled ‘Honey’ the tale of five strong female leads who tackle the world of private investigation, crime, love. betrayal and extortion with finesse, style and ultimately; chaos. And here’s what…. my script reached the finals of ‘Your Script Produced’, yes out of thousands of screenplays mine reached the final ten!! @yourscriptproduced.com @moviebytes.com

Stay tuned; Honey will be coming to a streaming service near you before you know it!

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