Theatre for the pandemic world…..Little Hidden Worlds released at P.O.V Fest!

19 May , 2021  

The pandemic has posed challenges for all, regardless of your chosen profession but it has hit the theatre world and its performers particularly hard. It has therefore been necessary for directors and producers to utilize new platforms; thank god then for Zoom.

During March I had the pleasure of working on a short play ‘Little Hidden Worlds written by Hallie Stephenson and directed by Dante DiNasti. With a great cast rehearsing 3-4 nights a week on Zoom we recorded the play separately in our own homes, giving us a rare freedom in our own productions; scene, costumes, make-up, cameras and lighting.

You can watch the result here

*Fake scar make-up 101.

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If I can make it here…..

14 Jul , 2017  

IMG_9817 copy IMG_9787 copySo after 6 months in the Big Apple and many wonderful acting classes later (massive thank you T Schreiber Studio) I am finally officially a working actress in New York City with my first stage show this weekend, off off Broadway! – the fabulous comedy ensemble that is ‘A Sketch of New York’ at the long reputed ‘Producers Club’ and numerous film and TV projects in motion – the life of an actor is looking good – long may it last…
my fabulous new Headshots by Matt Wilson…

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