Theatre for the pandemic world…..Little Hidden Worlds released at P.O.V Fest!

19 May , 2021  

The pandemic has posed challenges for all, regardless of your chosen profession but it has hit the theatre world and its performers particularly hard. It has therefore been necessary for directors and producers to utilize new platforms; thank god then for Zoom.

During March I had the pleasure of working on a short play ‘Little Hidden Worlds written by Hallie Stephenson and directed by Dante DiNasti. With a great cast rehearsing 3-4 nights a week on Zoom we recorded the play separately in our own homes, giving us a rare freedom in our own productions; scene, costumes, make-up, cameras and lighting.

You can watch the result here

*Fake scar make-up 101.

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Check out my new Nickelodeon show on Amazon Prime!

19 Mar , 2021  

Just before Covid hit New York last year, I filmed a super fun project for Nickelodeon entitled Spongebob Docupants.
A mockumentary style show taking some of the most iconic episodes of the hit cartoon series and tuning them into a comedy retelling.
I play a musician in Episode 6 ‘The Making of Sweet Victory’ so if your in the mood for a bit of light relief check it out here!

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My first TV Pilot Script ‘Honey’ reached the finals of ‘Your Script Produced Season 2!

9 Mar , 2021  

Lockdown was a tough time for all of us; for me, as a native Brit, I was in New York, alone in my apartment for months and I wanted to use my time constructively, so I adapted my novel ‘How to Catch a love Rat’ into a screenplay entitled ‘Honey’ the tale of five strong female leads who tackle the world of private investigation, crime, love. betrayal and extortion with finesse, style and ultimately; chaos. And here’s what…. my script reached the finals of ‘Your Script Produced’, yes out of thousands of screenplays mine reached the final ten!!

Stay tuned; Honey will be coming to a streaming service near you before you know it!

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Endlessly inspired by Bardot.

16 Apr , 2020  

For me this giant ‘pause’ the world is taking, has been one filled with  creativity and content creating. Today’s (and pretty much always) inspiration is the beautiful, talented Brigitte Bardot; my muse for life.

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Upstate Shenanigans filming Chantilly Lace 2

3 Feb , 2020  

In December 2019 I had one of the best experiences of my life both professionally and personally. I flew up to the wonderful town of  Henderson to shoot the sequel to the 1994 classic: Chantilly Lace. I didn’t know when I booked this job what a dream come true it would be. I got to work with some absolute legends of film and TV: Talia Shire, Lindsay Crouse, Patricia Richardson, Jill Eikenberry and Helen Slater. How they have enriched my life and my craft as an actor is beyond measure.

Even more of a bonus is the wonderful people from a town that has captured my heart, not only did I get to live in this unbelievable mansion which was more like a fairytale than I could put into words:

But the friends I made: the wonderful production crew from the town who put all other crew’s to shame – their hospitality, kindness and friendship will stay with me forever and I am now so grateful to be able to say they will be my life-long friends – Jill, Torre, Gail – my girls! And the best Line Producer and friend on our second project together: my darling Dee.

From start to finish this was a dream come true – I will be grateful for as a long as I live for that incredible week I got to spend living like a movie-star princess. Acting is not just a passion for me – it is me, it opens up worlds and possibilities that make every day worth getting out of bed for, to see just what it has in store. #longmayitcontinue

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Music Video for Lion’s new single Wolf.

4 Aug , 2019  

Working on music video shoots is one of the best experiences for a working actor. Bringing an artists music to life in what is essentially a short film and seeing the final edit is always a thrill. Wolf is the new single from upcoming British artist ‘Lion’ and the story concept was told in flashbacks to the singers character’s childhood in a disruptive, domestically abusive home.  Shot over two days in Surrey and Bournemouth, England the resulting video (Universal Music Group) is a beautifully told story of triumph over adversity.

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Projects in the Pipeline

29 Jun , 2019  

Being busy as an actor is NEVER a bad thing and these past few months have been super busy, with two exciting projects in production and some great smaller projects completed.

One of my favorite’s has been playing Helen Maxwell in the movie version of the ‘Clock Tower’ survival horror computer game, written and directed by Director Ruth (Ladarius Winns) working on a horror film has been oxymoronically SO MUCH FUN, principal photography has started but for now here is a sneak peak at the trailer.

IMG-7709 IMG-7711

Next up I’ve been back working with the awesome Jerome Curtis (Lights on Films) on a new digital series 108th, playing the Chief of Police – totally up my alley. Here is a snippet.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 7.55.02 PM

Last up, I worked with the innovative Reelarc on this scene titled ‘One Day at a Time’, focusing on addicts and the affect of their addiction on loved ones. You can watch a clip here.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 8.35.50 PMScreen Shot 2019-06-28 at 8.36.59 PMScreen Shot 2019-06-28 at 8.41.57 PM

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New Acting Reel and Headshots!

12 Feb , 2019  

An actors life is never dull, as actors we never stop: new headshots, new reels, new clips, new workshops, new classes the list goes on and the bank balance goes down – thank god then that Confucius got it spot on when he famously said ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’

For the love of acting, here are my latest Headshots courtesy of Headshots Anyone and my latest reel courtesy of Shoestring Films


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